About NAL Digest

The National Assembly Legislative Digest was set up in May, 2010 as an official publication of the National Assembly charged with the responsibility for providing the Legislators with objective, quality, timely and up to date information that will enable them deliver on their mandate. It is designed to provide information and analytical briefs on various topical issues and bills under consideration in the National Assembly and also focus on other areas of activities and policies of government. It will not only be providing targeted research inputs to legislators but will further bridge the information gap between citizens of Nigeria and the Legislature on the workings of parliament.

The Digest suspended publication in 2014 and 2015 due to some financial challenges but was reactivated in 2017 as part of the resolve, to of the National Assembly to reposition the Legislative institution and the bureaucracy.  In doing so, the Management is creating opportunity to develop the skills and harness talents of staff in report writing, publication and other areas of legislative duties. As part of the resolve the reposition the Magazine, the Management on 6th July, 2017 inaugurated the Editorial Team of the Magazine who were urged to show dedication and maintain the standard and quality which the publication has had over the years, a reason Nigerian Embassies abroad and many foreign missions in Nigeria and MDAs always looked forward to its editions. The Clerk to the national Assembly Mohammed Sani-Omolori said during the inauguration said that  it is time to rebrand, restructure and further strengthen the National Assembly bureaucracy to function in the best parliamentary practice anywhere in the world, and one way of doing so is through vibrant research service and information that can educate and inform the public on the true workings of the Legislature to change the negative perception of people about the Legislature in Nigeria. With the Digest back on stream, the National Assembly and activities of the Legislature will be better served to the public.

The Editorial Team of the Legislative Digest:

Mohammed Ataba Sani-Omolori
Clerk to the National Assembly
Olayide O. Adelami, mni
Deputy Clerk to the National Assembly
Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Jerry E. Uhuo, PhD
Morayo O. Agbi, PhD
Editorial Workflow Chief
Bello Olatunji
Deputy Editor
Idowu Bakare
Associate Editor
Wakombo Nguyilan
Legal/Internal Proofreader
Adeboye Dankuwo
Legal Officer/Analyst
Mustapha Yaro Kafur
Maiye Bode Rotimi
International Parliamentary Organisation
Baikie Asma’u
Dabo Yakubu
Tagbo Okeke
Guy Fineman
Mark Igba
Uchenna Okoronkwo Uche
Okoh Gregory
Paul Amedu Anyebe
Oluwasegun Mustapha (J9)
Creative Artist

Advisory Board
Danzaria Yahaya Chairman
Christopher Ashiekaa Member
Joe Igba Member
Joke Shittu-Olubowale Member