Kwara Govt open up on demolition of Saraki’s family land, “Ile-Arugbo”


The Kwara state government has reacted to the demolition of a bungalow building tagged, ”Ile-Arugbo” on the lands of the late political leader of the state, Dr Abubakar Olusola Saraki, saying that it took steps to take over what rightly belongs to the people of Kwara.

The statement also said that the State government has not been served any court papers on the matter of Ile-Arugbo, and urged the people of Kwara state to remain calm, peaceful and be guided by the facts of the matter only.

According to a press statement by Commissioner for Communications, Mr Muritala Olanrewaju titled, “Kwara govt clears reclaimed civil service clinic land” it said, ”The Kwara State Government early today began the physical reclamation of the plot of land bordering the civil service clinic in Ilorin. It further reads,

“The reclamation exercise began in the early hours of Thursday to avoid any needless confrontation. Attempts by some persons to provoke government’s agents on lawful duty were resisted by the security agents who exercised the highest level of restraint and professionalism.

”Contrary to the claim that the State Government was served court papers on the matter, we state that no court paper has been served as at the time the government took steps to preserve what lawfully belongs to the people.

”Finally, we urge the people of the state to remain calm, peaceful and be guided only by facts of the matter and not be drawn into an emotional outburst that is targeted at distracting the public from the issues at stake. While the administration is focused on restoring sanity to the state after years of barefaced impunity, we will do so within the limit of the law.”


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