Benjamin Netanyahu wins majority of votes to head new Israeli government


Fifty-five members of the Knesset parliament on Monday called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the head of Likud party, to form the next government, compared to fifty-four votes for the opposition Blue and White political alliance, according to media reports.
On Sunday, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin began two-day consultations with elected parties to pick a politician with the best chance of forming a coalition government.
According to the Israeli Channel 13, the round of consultations at the president’s headquarters ended with Benjamin Netanyahu’s mandate to form the government.
Netanyahu’s party Likud and allies have secured 55 seats, while Gantz’s Blue and White-led alliance won 54, the channel reported.
The broadcaster added that Netanyahu got the mandate after the National Democratic Alliance (Balad party), an ally of the Arab Joint List, said it did not support the List’s position to vote for Benny Gantz.
“The only government which can be formed is a broad unity government.
“The only way to reach such a government is to sit down and talk with an open mind,” Netanyahu said on Twitter.
On its turn, the Yisrael Beitenu political party led by former defense chief Avigdor Lieberman refused to support any of the elected candidates.
The final results of the election will be presented to Rivlin on Sept. 25.


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