The opposition leader Raila Odinga arriving at the Supreme Court in Nairobi on Friday. The court nullified last month’s presidential election.

The Supreme Court in Kenya led by Chief Justice David Maraga has nullified presidential elections results which held last month, February 2019 citing irregularities and ordered a fresh election within sixty days. The Kenyan electoral commission had declared the incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta of the elections by a margin of about one a half million votes. The court declared the elections ‘invalid, null and void’ on the grounds that the election had not been “conducted in accordance with the constitution” 

While the opposition led by Mr. Raila Odinga hailed the ruling, describing the Kenyan electoral body as “rotten” and demanded its resignation and prosecutions, the incumbent president, Mr. Kenyatta stated that he would respect the rule of the court but in expression of disappointment, described the supreme court judges as ‘crooks’. 

The cancellation of Kenyatta’s election victory appear to be the first time on the Africa continent that opposition party’s court challenge against a presidential poll result has produced a successful result. Just as it were not long in the distant when the continent began to witness and celebrate loss of election by sitting presidents, this may as well be   the beginning of novelty in jurisprudence contribution to the deepening of democratic in the continent.      


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